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Quality & Training

Quality & Training

The value and importance of security guards training is must. Professional training provides the security personnel with the right knowledge, skills, and instincts essential to the company’s safety and survival. … Security guards provide our daily protection while inside the company premises.

Institute of Security and Safety Management (ISSM)

ISSM is committed to provide all necessary training to security guards. Institute of Security and Safety Management (ISSM) is one of the best institute providing training in the field of security, the institute is a venture of Retired Military Personnel, who train the civilian recruited for atleast one month completely defense training system including the following :


  • General Orientation
  • Purpose and principles of Industrial security, security measures housing event vigilance and intelligence.
  • Organization of security department, controlling mobs strictly, union agitation, demonstration, stoppage of work and labour unrest.
  • Physical Fitness, Drill Discipline.
  • Fire fighting, Fire Safety, First Aids.
  • Identification of improvised Explosive Device and small Arms, Grenade etc.
  • SAS (Security Automation Systems)and computer literacy programmers.
  • Knowledge of Indian Penal Code.
  • Knowledge of badges of ranks in police and forces.
  • Use of Security equipment.

Aim & Objectives

The Aim of this Institute is to provide quality training with special emphasis on practical aspects of security, safety and other subjects covered under PSARA. With a aim that the trainee will emerge as a true professional security guard capable of handling all the situations, related to security, and become a responsible citizen serving the nation.

Following are the objectives of the institute :

  • To create job to the needy youth hailing from the rural areas.
  • To create useful and trained professionals in the field of security and safety.
  • To provide well trained, dedicated sincere and responsible security guards to the corporate and the industrial world,
  • who are capable of preventing loss of life and property.
  • To instill amongst present day youth the sense of pride and professionalism in ones chosen career.