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  • Power

    The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. offers extensive security support to public power utilities that face threats to their physical infrastructure. These include but are not limited to poles,wires,substations,transformers and generator facilities comprising these utilities means of delivering electricity to their customers. The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. has also forayed into providing facility management to this genre of customers.The services of power generation, power transmission and power distribution offered by the New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. have greatly benefited power companies.

  • Telecom

    The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. provides extensive support to its telecom clients by using electronic security,accessed by controlled video surveillance. The core responsibility includes guarding against theft, criminal acts,emergencies,fire and other contingencies,preventing intrusions into the operations networks,patrolling vehicles to cover the towers and janitorial services for corporate offices.

  • Transportation

    Efficient transport is a critical component of economic development,globally and nationally.
    The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. has developed customized solutions for protecting public transit systems.From metro rail systems to road transport, we work with clients and local bodies to strengthen the safety and security of passengers, employees, and the public. Thus, the New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. has extended its services beyond domain of cleaning (through our facility management services) and cash pick-up and delivery services(through our cash logistics arm).

  • Ports & Logistics

    The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. has been providing security and surveillance solutions for ports and logistics sectors.

  • Real Estate And Townships

    The Indian real estate market comprises residential, retail and commercial spaces.The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. provides substantial security, janitorial and general pest management services to the sector covering residential townships across the country. Our expertise in this sector includes risk assessment, access control and disaster management. The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. also provides a secure living experience with the help of VProtect – a complete home alarms solution which is supported by an on-ground quick response team.

  • Educational Institutions

    India, with its many technology, management and medical institutions of international repute,boasts of a rich legacy in education.This is coupled with a booming primary education segment.The New Delhi Security Services Pvt. Ltd. is characterized by high footfall, wide area coverage and sensitive assets. We provide a full range of security services spanning both physical and electronic security systems to secure these assets.We have also extended our service offering to include facility management & pest control, helping maintain health standards across campuses.

  • Healthcare

    The healthcare sector in India is witnessing tremendous activity with many international players entering the country through buyouts, private equity investments and active fundraising through IPOs. India’s strength lies in its vast pool of medical professionals and quality healthcare facilities that are comparable to the best in the world – making it attractive even for medical tourism.Our range of services includes access control,visitor management,parking management and specialized housekeeping services.