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Bank Security Services

The opening of so many private and international banks, resulted complete focus on servicing and customer friendly environment in banks which sets apart one bank from the other, in such a changed scenario, the guards are needed to be more efficient and alert besides being polite and humble in nature. Here, NDS provides specialized training to the guards, as guards are the first point of contact for the customer in most of the cases. They are trained to handle emergencies and potential threats to the safety of the bank and customers .
A. Protection of ATMs: Our trained workforce sees to that the ATM is well guarded. The ATM and the cash is protected from unwanted incidents.
B. Up keeping of the ATM Premises: The premise is periodically cleaned in each shift to provide a clean and hygienic environment for the customers to feel happy to use the ATM service. The consumables used in the housekeeping is also be provided by us.
C. Customer Assistance: Our workforces assist and guide the customer to use the ATM service properly, as not all the customers are ATM - user friendly.
D. Maintenance: The up keeping and maintenance of the ATM with the help of other services provider like Air conditioner repair, ATM Machine repair, Electrician etc is taken up, as and when the need arises, by our Caretakers.

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