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NDS Services span a vast section of the security space with a special focus on industrial security and loss prevention and helping avoid blue and white collar crimes.Our industrial security solution are widely acknowledged and regarded.Our long term relationship,with a number of prominent and sensitive industrial units is testament to the reliability of our services and efficiency of our security personnel.
We provide armed security guard services. Unfortunately, violent crime is no longer limited to the inner cities and rough neighborhoods. NDS is on the rise in India, and having an armed security officer on site increases safety and also discourages workplace violence before it can happen.

The Key services provided by NDS are : MANNED SERVICES
Selected well and trained hand,our security men are cut above the ordinary.We only select matriculate and needy guards,who can understand their job well and provide services and monitoring that can create a real impact on the ground.Our key manned services are:

Security Guards
Armed Security Guards Service
Lady Searcher
Personnel security Guards Services
Vigilance Detectives Services

Dog Squad
Utility Services
Training & Seminar Security Services
Technical Man Power Support
Pre-Employment Screening

In today's highly competitive industrial scenario,knowledge is critical in creating the winning strategy.Our military heritage and strong knowledge of the most modern technology solutions help us to conduct investigation thoroughly and give you the edged when it comes to the knowledge. Technology is constantly shifting and only the agile can stay in tune with the latest in the market at NDS. NDS, we are always on the forefront of emerging solutions and trends and brings the best technology to our clients. We install,maintainand also helps you to make the most from you investment. Some key security systems are:

All Electrical Systems :
Security Consulting :

It always pays to be prepared.Our security consulting services help our clients prepare for any eventualities and ensure business continuity through the toughest situations. Our long years of experience in the field and large pool of specialized security experts with a military and security backgrounds gives us the edge in creating plans that work and modules that perform when you need them most.

Security Audits :      Advising clients on loss prevention loopholes.
Business continuity Planning :      During Emergency
Planning Emergencies Response Procedure.