You cant put a Price on Security...........

Have peace of mind with NDS.


Safeguarding our assets is like saving our nation,Thus providing securities to our industries which are national assets is of paramount importance in todays rapidly changing environment. The situation stands further aggravated by the menance of both external as well as internal threats like terrorism,stiff business competition/rivalry,regional work culture and unhealthy trade union activities make it more imperative to review the conventional industries security concepts. So to design security systems and procedures that would counter the above threats to our industries successfully and enhance their growth rate is the need of the day.

At NDS,our experience in the security sector and our word ethics are the virtues which are very proud of,everyone of our director is accredited with atleast 25 years of experience in security field,majority of our directors are Ex-seviceman. Our Business practices are transparent,we also command an expertise in the deployment of manpower i.e as we in principal do not post local security personal only,we insist on a mix of local as well as security personal of different states,religion and cast in an unit. So a sense of discipline,team work & a community feeling is present in our deployed team at paricular unit.

We at NDS has the proud privilege to state that we provide and professionally execute services of multitudinous nature like Security,VIP protection,Vigilance,Canine Services,Flexi-staffing,Investigation,Training and Seminars on Security and Fire to the industries and institutes across the length & breadth of the country.